Tricks and Tips for Playing Bandar Ceme Effective & Profitable 100%

The online ceme city gambling game is currently one of the online card gambling games provided by the online gambling company IDNplay and there are many other online card gambling games. Like online poker gambling which is currently popular and most sought after by bettors in Indonesia. Because this online card gambling game is very easy to play and challenging. But even though this game is very easy to play but to win this game you are not as easy as how to play it. you have to keep using some tricks and tips for playing bandar ceme so that it is easy to win. Bandar ceme games online are played using domino cards as the media for the game.

In this game you can choose to be a dealer or a player depending on your choice. Where each player will be distributed 2 cards by the dealer which later the value of your card will be contested by the dealer’s card. If the value of your card is higher than the dealer then you beat him. So to be able to beat the dealer, your card must be higher. Because if the value of your card draws or draws then the dealer will win the game. But if friends get a value of 9 and the dealer’s value is below then you will be paid 2x as much by the dealer.

Many people have the perception that this game is entirely based on luck and it turns out to be wrong. Because every online gambling game must have a trick in order to win it. Because if you rely on luck without using tips and tricks, you will end up in defeat. The luck agen asiapoker77 of each player is different, some are good and some are not. So here we will give a few tips for playing Bandar Ceme for you to make it easy to conquer this game and get big profits. Alright, just here I will discuss it so please read it well “the following discussion:

Tips and Correct Ways to Play the Bandar Ceme Game Online
This ceme city game is played by a maximum of 8 people in 1 table including the dealer or dealer. Which is where each player will be distributed 2 cards by the dealer and will be given a few seconds to match the two cards, If that time is up then all the cards on the table will open automatically and you can see the other player’s cards or the dealer and compare them. Depends on what my boss wants to play as a dealer or player. If you play as a player, then your card is competed with the dealer’s card only. But if you play as a dealer, your cards will be contested with all the players on the table.

The system in this game is who has the highest card then he will win the bet. The highest card in this ceme city game is 9 and the lowest card is 0. And this ceme city game has pluses and minuses for those who want to play as a player or dealer. As explained earlier but here we will explain again in full. The “advantage” of being a dealer is that if the dealer gets a value of 9 then the dealer will withdraw all bets. And if the Player and the dealer’s cards have the same value then the dealer will still win the bet. Then the drawback is that if you become a dealer, if the dealer gets the lowest value from all players, the dealer will pay all bets placed by each player.

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And the advantage of being a player is that if the player gets a 9 value card and a dealer card below it, the dealer will pay 2x the total bet. And if the player loses then the player only pays to the dealer not to all players. So once in this game there are pluses and minuses depending on what you want to play as a player or a dealer.

Tips for Playing Bandar Ceme Online for Easy Win

Bettors in Indonesia who are professionals must already have their own playing tips. Because it is very important to make it easier for you to get closer to victory. We will also provide tips on playing online card gambling that are already effective and proven that you can practice in playing this online card gambling. Read on for the explanation below:

1. Choosing a Trusted Online Gambling Agent
Before playing, you must look for a trusted online gambling agent. Because if you play gambling not in a comfortable and responsible place, it will make you uncomfortable playing. At this time there are so many gambling sites that have sprung up on the internet and not all of them are trusted sites. So you must first survey the online gambling site. Because many online gambling agents are currently irresponsible. Irresponsible in the sense of “Not paying a win if it wins big. Can’t keep your data safe.” So we suggest looking for a site that can give you comfort when playing and provide a high win rate.

2. Play Patience And Focus (Main Key)
In playing online gambling the main key is to have patience and to be focused. In addition, playing badr ceme will have a lot of things that make you emotional and unfocused. such as not winning in 2 or more rounds. But we suggest you to stay patient and relaxed because luck will surely come to you if you are patient in playing. So you can win and get big profits.

3. Role as a dealer in this game
We have surveyed that in this ceme city game, it is very advantageous to play as a city because it has a high win rate. Because if you play as a dealer you have a lot of advantages because you will be fighting 7 people in 1 table, so even if your cards are low there are at least a few players you can beat. And if you get a value of 9 then you will withdraw all bets on the table. different from players who only hope to win to the dealer. So if you want to play try to be a dealer, you will definitely get a big profit.

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4. Reading Sufficient Capital
The next tip that you should know is that you have to bring enough capital to play. Because if you play with a low capital, it will make you hesitate in betting. And can waste the opportunity to win the game For example: your cards are good but with limited capital conditions make you afraid to make big bets so it wastes your opportunity to get big profits. But if you have enough capital, you are sure to be more confident in playing and will bear big wins.

5. Have a Winning Target
You must have a winning target in playing online gambling. Because if you have a winning target, of course you can play focused so that you can achieve that target. But you don’t want your winnings to reach the target, we recommend withdrawing your winnings first. Because if you play again we never know in the future how luck will still be on your side or not. But if you have withdrawn your winnings and you want to play again with your initial capital, it won’t be a problem if you lose. Because the victory is already in your hands, so don’t be too disappointed if you experience defeat, these are tips that are often done by professional gamblers.

6.Looking for a good table to bet on
Before playing, try to go around first looking for a good table or a table that has hockey. Because according to experience each table has a different hockey so you have to find a table that is suitable for you to bet on. For example, if you want to play as a dealer, then you have to find a good table to become a dealer with good cards. And vice versa if you want to play as a player, look for a good table if you are a player.

The reviews above are some tips for playing Bandar Ceme that you should learn before playing. Because if you understand and practice it, I’m sure you can win. And never hesitate to do it because the tips above have been proven. And if you have understood the tips for playing Bandar Ceme above, I will continue to discuss the types of special cards in the Bandar Ceme game that you should know daftar idn poker. So keep an eye on the following reviews:


4 Types of Special Bandar Ceme Online Cards
In this game there are 4 types of special cards that you can get. This card is used to get the jackpot. Every IDNplay gambling agent provides a large jackpot, with the condition that you have to get one of these special cards. And on this occasion I will tell you 4 special cards that you should know:

1.Card of 6Gods (6666)
This type of 6 god card is the biggest special card among the others. And to get this card, you have to have high luck, it is rare for players to get this special card. But if you get this card then you are invincible and you can also get a very large Jackpot. Example; you install a jackpot of Rp. 1000 and you get a 6 Dewa card then the jackpot you get is (1000 X 6666 = Rp. 6.666.000). To get this jackpot, your card will be combined with a dealer card, for example: you have cards (4:2) and (5:1) While the dealer cards must be (3:3) and (6:0). You can notice this is a 6 god card where each card has a value of 6.

2.4 Logging (4 Times Logging)
Next is a special 4 log card where to get this card you have to get a 4 log card. Where you have to have 4 logs at once, where your 2 cards will be combined with 2 of the dealer’s cards. For example the cards are like this: You have a card (4:4) & (6:6) And the card must have 2 logs as well as (5:5) &(2:2) this is a 4 log card in which each there is a log card. And if you get this card you will also get the jackpot. which will be at X100 with your pair of jackpots.

3.Pure Big (Big Star)
Pure big is one of the special types of cards in this online betting game. To get this special card, a total of 4 dominoes in your possession, the minimum number of points must reach 39. Usually getting this card is not as difficult as the 4 Balak and 6 Dewa cards. Many players have gotten this special card. Pure cards are also big and get Jackpot multiplication if you get them but not as big as the previous 2 special cards. Because the multiplication of the jackpot on this special card is 50X the total jackpot that you install.

4.Pure Little (Little Star)
The last special type of card is a small pure card where previously it was purely large, with the condition that the total point value of the 4 cards must reach a minimum of 39 numbers. it is different from pure small, if it is small, the maximum number of points must be 9, if it passes 9 then it is not considered pure small. For the multiplication of the jackpot bonus, it is equal to a total of 50X the total jackpot pair.