Tips & How to Play Domino99 Online For Easy Win

Hello my boss, welcome back to the MasterJudi blog, this time we will discuss tips and how to play domino99 online. Maybe some of you are already familiar with this online domino 99 gambling game. Of course, because this online card game game is very popular, there are currently a lot of bettors in Indonesia who play this game. The dominoQQ game that is currently popular is one of the games provided by the IDNplay platform. And not only this game that you can play on IDNplay but many popular card gambling games that IDNplay provides for you, such as: Online Poker or often called IDNpoker. Omaha Poker, Mobile Ceme, Ceme Bandar, and many others and have a lot of fun.

In accordance with the title we made above. Where this time we will explore a few tips and how to play powerful online domino99. To play this game is actually very easy if you really want to learn it. Maybe all this time you have wanted to learn to play this real money betting game. But there is no comfortable place to study it. Or you have seen several blogs on the internet that discuss this too but are not comfortable to read. Calm down, you don’t need to be afraid of not being able to learn how to play domino99 online. If you came here to learn and want to know powerful tips for playing this online card gambling, then coming is very appropriate. Because we will review it all here quickly and easily for you to understand. So we suggest that you read this article to the end if you want to become a professional domino player. Alright, let’s get straight to the discussion, please take a look below:

Guide and Tutorial How to Play Domino99 Online

Before all of you play and bet on this real money gambling game. You better understand and know about this online dominoQQ game. This online game is played by agen omaha using domino cards as the game medium. Where in this game uses 1 set of dominoes of 28 cards where each card has a different value. And this online card gambling game is played by 2 to 6 players in 1 table where later each player will be distributed 4 dominoes. Which must be combined into a card with a high value.

In this game you will be opposite players vs players not with the dealer so you have to focus on your opponent’s cards. This domino 99 game has a system that is who has the highest card combination then he will be the winner. To see the value of the domino card, you can add up the dots on the card. You will be dealt 3 cards at the beginning of the game. After you can immediately bet with other players or want to increase the bet to get a card 4. For those who don’t follow the bet it means they lose and can’t get their 4 card.

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For those of you who don’t understand how to combine cards to be the highest, here I will explain it for you. So I hope you guys are right” to read this review in order to understand quickly. Please take a look below

How to Count & Combine Dominoes

Actually, the calculation of domino 99 is not much different from online ceme. that this card is only the back number that counts. But the difference is that in the domino99 game there are 2 numbers while in the online ceme game there is only 1 number. We will give an example below:

– you get 4 cards, each of which has a value (0:4),(0,5) and (0:6),(3:6) so here the value you get is.= 4+5=9 and 6+8=14 so your total score is 9.4 Remember only the last digits are counted so (9 and 4)

– The last example is like this. You get 4 cards which each have a value of (0:7), (0:2) and (2:2), (4:0) then the value you will get is 9.8. The calculation is like this: 7 + 2 = 9 and 4 + 4 = 8 so they are combined to become 9.8.

The above is how to count and combine cards in the domino 99 game. Please pay attention and listen carefully to understand. And if you already understand about the card combination. then I will continue to tell you that there are 4 types of special cards in the DominoQQ game. Maybe some of you already know it because these 4 special cards are also found in the ceme game around and the ceme dealer as well. But I will still tell it for beginners who don’t know, please see below:

4 Special Types of Cards in the DominoQQ Game

For those of you who don’t know the types of special cards in the online DominoQQ game. below I will tell you so please read on.

Card 6 Gods:
For this type of 6 god card, this is the biggest special card combination and if you get it then you will get a very large bonus but if you place a bet for the jackpot. To get this card combination you must have 4 cards that are worth 6. For example: (5:1),(6:0) And (4:2),(3:3) this is the card you have to get in order to become a special card 6 gods.


Card 4 Balak:
The next special card is a 4 log card, namely this card is the largest card combination after 6 Gods. To get this card combination you must have 4 cards and all of them must be of the log type. Examples like this: (4:4),(5:5) and (2:2),(6:6) this is a special combination of 4 logs in which all four cards you have must have all logs.

Big Pure Card:
Next is a large pure card where to get this type of card you must have 4 cards that have a number of points that must reach a minimum of 39 points. Examples of cards are like this.: (6:5), (6:4) And (5:5), (5:4) here are examples of cards that you must get to become a pure large card combination.

Small Pure Card:
The last type of Special Card is purely small, where you have to have 4 cards that have a maximum of only 9 circles, the number cannot be 9. Examples of cards are like this: (0:0), (0:1) and (0:3) ,(0:5). Here’s an example of a small pure card. or it could be with the value of the card, the point is not to pass by the number of points 9.

The review above is an explanation of playing and the types of cards in the dominoQQ game. So please study well so you can understand. If you already understand the basic way and how to combine cards in the domino 99 game. Then we will get to the point, namely we will discuss powerful tips to make it easy to win in playing domino 99. Please refer to the reviews below:

Tips – Powerful Tips for Playing Domino99

1.Register Me at a Trusted Online Gambling Agent
The first step you have to do in order to play is to already have an account at a trusted domino99 online gambling agent. We recommend that for those of you who want to play online gambling, we recommend joining a trusted betting website. Why do we recommend that? Yes, of course, because if you play on a trusted gambling site, it is more secure and more comfortable. Because there have been many irresponsible gambling sites now. Just take advantage by cheating members. Examples are like: No Fairplay where there is an admin playing at the table. or don’t pay your winnings if you win big. But if you play at a trusted domino agent then you don’t need to be afraid anymore because it is definitely safe in any case.

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2. Have Sufficient Capital To Play
After creating an account to play, the next step is that you have to prepare enough playing capital. Having enough capital really helps you to win. And can make you more confident in making bets. But if you bring hanging capital, it will surely make you afraid to make bets so that it will slowly lead you into defeat.

3.Play Concentration
The next tip is to play with concentration and patience is one of the main keys in playing any type of online gambling. So before you bet, try to make sure that you are in a good state so that your mind can focus on playing. And if you are playing online gambling, try to avoid noise that can disturb your concentration, for example, such as: Playing while watching TV, chatting, or other activities that can interfere with your concentration.

4.Play Patiently
The main key in playing real money bets is that you have to play patiently under any conditions. Because later there will be something that makes you emotional like a bad card. or lose more than win. But we advise you never to bring emotions because the more emotional you are, the faster you lose. So the constant step is that you have to stay patient and wait for luck to be on your side.

5.Play Fold
The last tip is that you try to fold or don’t follow the bet too much if the cards you have are not possible to play. Therefore it is useless if you play bad cards. it’s the same as draining your balance. So try to play with good cards only. it doesn’t matter even though it takes a little longer, the important thing is that you get a definite win.

All right, that’s all. So many articles this time, hopefully with this review it can help you all in playing domino99 gambling daftar poker idnplay. Also make you win big after applying some of the tips above. See you in the next article, Greetings Hockey!!