The Latest Easy Tricks to Win Online Blackjack Gambling

laying online blackjack or online roulette has indeed become one of the activities of many people around the world. If some European countries allow this one card game, in Indonesia itself it is illegal for any type of gambling game and there is a legal prohibition that ensnares every player.

However, with the presence of online Blackjack gambling games, many bettors play and bet online rather than conventional gambling. The ease of accessing the game and betting is the reason for many gamblers.

Besides that, the safety factor and also various abundant bonuses are one of the reasons that make many people decide to joinTrusted Official Soccer Gambling Agent .

Tricks to Win Online Blackjack Gambling

Joker123 List – If you feel that you have often lost in idn poker playing online card gambling, this is the right time to look again at your playing strategy. This article can add insight into more detailed online Blackjack gambling. In this discussion, what we will discuss are the tricks that can be used to play the blackjack card game.

1.Separation of Cards

When the card is distributed for the first Daftar Judi Bola Online, if you have an ace then please try to separate it first, because the ace card is a card that has 2 values, namely the value 1 and the value 11, it will be very useful if the cards are separated first.

2.Card Value

If what we get the first time the card is dealt is a value of 17, then we have to choose to stand, because if we hit or take a card back, it will certainly be a risk for us in the future.

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3. Double or Twin

Cards If you get the same card value on both cards, it’s best to try to split or divide the card into two parts so we have the opportunity to place two bets at once and get a double win.

4. Adding Cards or Hits

It’s a good idea to be careful when you want to hit, because if the card we take exceeds the value of 21, our card automatically loses. So considering first is very important if you want to hit.


This is the insurance used in the game, this insurance is purchased when there is a possibility that the dealer gets a Blackjack card, which means that we as players will lose all bets if the dealer’s card that comes out is a blackjack. If we have purchased insurance then we will get insurance payments 2x of the insurance cost and we do not lose all bets.

6. Bet Value

Try to play with the smallest bet value first in order to find out in advance whether there is luck on the game table.

7. Practice

By practicing continuously it will increase your playing experience and also train you to be able to find a strategy that is suitable for you to use in getting a win.


A lot of playing experience will be very profitable for you to get an even bigger win and be able to determine the right conditions according to the current state of the game, as well as being able to take the right action to take next.

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9. Basic

Understanding Understanding the basics of the blackjack game is very important, because if you don’t understand the basic provisions in the blackjack game link alternatif fontana99, of course you will not be able to fully master the blackjack game.

By learning some of the tricks that we have shared, we are sure that you can get big wins and also increase your knowledge. Understanding each game and also playing tricks is of course the right combination to win an online gambling game.