How to Deposit Poker Games Credit

Are you looking for a trusted credit deposit gambling agent? Then you have come to the right website. Because our admin will recommend an online gambling agent that provides many games withpoker deposit via pulsa only 1 user id. Some of the games that you can play include Poker, DominoQQ, BandarQ and others. Of course, all the games above are played using real money.

Credit Deposit Online Gambling is now very popular in Indonesia, especially among those who really want to try this online gambling game. And another advantage is that all of these games can be played via Android and iOS smartphones.


The first step you have to do is to determine a trusted online gambling agent that is already known to many people. This is useful because when you want to withdraw your winnings, nothing untoward will happen. Because nowadays there are many fraudulent online gambling agen dominoqq sites who only want to deceive their members. So on this occasion the admin would like to recommend one of the Trusted Credit Deposit Game Gambling Agents, namely.

The site that the admin recommended above is no longer in doubt, let alone worried. Because all the sites that the admin recommends on this blog are sites that have been tested and have been tried directly by the admin.

Maybe for online gambling lovers, you are already familiar with deposit transactions using cellphone credit. But maybe those of you who just want to join or play online gambling Daftar Situs Casino definitely still confused about the topic of the problems that the admin discusses. But don’t worry, the admin will try to explain it in this article.


Types of Providers Provided by the Site. As one of the sites that provide a credit deposit system. Aims to provide convenience for all online gambling lovers to make it easier to make transactions anytime and anywhere. And the types of providers currently available are Telkomsel and XL. The 2 largest types of providers in Indonesia and also the most widely used today.

And for the minimum deposit applied by this site, it is also very affordable, which is only 5000. Only by making a minimum deposit of 5000 you can get the opportunity to become a millionaire. Because it is not impossible if you can become a millionaire with just a small capital agen tx poker. Because every gamble is determined by the luck of each player.


Minimum Deposit Via Credit is IDR 10,000
Deposit Via Credit will be charged a conversion fee.
Deposit Via Telkomsel credit rate 0.85
Deposit Via Credit XL Axiata rate 0.85
Withdrawal transactions will still be processed to member/player accounts registered with USER ID.
Members cannot make withdrawals via Telkomsel & XL Credit.
Every time you transact Via M-Kiosk, please save the code (SN = Serial Number).
Credit Transfer transactions without the SN Code cannot be processed.
All rules and decisions are the absolute right of the parties.


To make a deposit transaction via credit, it is highly recommended to confirm first. So that there is no loss or error in the destination number to be sent. If you have started to understand the credit deposit system that the admin explained above and want to register immediately and try to make credit deposit transactions. Admin will try to provide additional information on how to transfer Telkomsel or XL credit.

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Open call menu
Type *858*destination number for credit transfer*nominal transfer#
Press “Call/Call/Dial/Yes/Ok”
Confirm according to the display on the phone screen
Example: *858*081234567890*20#The above process will transfer credit with a nominal value of Rp.20k to 081234567890 and reduce your remaining Telkomsel credit.

How to transfer XL credit:

Type: Share(space)Recipient’s mobile number(space)Nominal credit transfer, send SMS to 168
Wait for the reply message from 168 to reconfirm
Then Press = Y
For example: FOR 087889880857 50000.