Guide And How To Play Capsa Susun For Beginners Profitable

This capsa stacking gambling game must be familiar to those of you who like to play online card gambling. Of course, because the game is one of the most popular online gambling games in Asia, including in Indonesia. Because this game is very exciting and challenging to play. This game must use a good strategy to win it. In fact, many say that the capsa stacking game is difficult to play. Actually, it is very easy to play if you already understand how to play it. On this occasion I want to share a little experience on how to play capsa stacking so that it is easy to win for players who are still beginners. So don’t miss this opportunity, you have to understand how to play correctly. Alright, let’s just talk about how to play capsa stacking correctly. Please see the reviews below:

Explanation and How to Play Powerful Capsa Susun to Win

This capsa stacking game is played by a maximum of 4 people in 1 game table. And you in this online card gambling game you can choose to play as a dealer or a player. If you want to play as a dealer, you must meet the conditions, namely you have to prepare a predetermined balance. If you act as a dealer, then the arrangement of your cards that you have prepared will be competed with all the players at the table.

Meanwhile, if you play as a player you can choose 2 options, namely you can compete your cards with the dealer or other players. But to pit your cards against other players you have to challenge that player. If the player accepts your challenge then your card will be contested and if it is not accepted then your card will automatically be competed with the dealer’s card only.

This online capsa stacking game is played by agen blackjack using playing cards as a playing tool. How to play it can also be said to be easy and difficult. Because the way to play is similar to online poker gambling games. But the capsa stacking game you don’t need to do things like: Raise, Check, Call, Fold. Here you only need to arrange cards which will later be distributed by the dealer and later your cards will be competed with other player cards.

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In this capsa stacking game there are several card combinations that you must know before playing and betting. Because if you don’t know this card combination then you won’t be able to play this real money gambling game. So you have to learn and understand the types of capsa stacking cards, please refer to the explanation below carefully:

Types of Combinations of Capsa Susun Cards You Should Know

There are several types of card arrangements from the highest to the lowest in this stacking capsa game. So you have to know each combination so that you can easily arrange each card in playing this online gambling game:

1.Royal Flush

For the highest combination, namely the royal flush where this card arrangement you must have 5 cards in sequence from number 10 to As and have the same flower symbol, for example like this.: (10,J,Q,K,US) This is a royal flush card arrangement that you should keep in mind.

2.Straight Flush

Next, the Straight Flush, this arrangement is the highest number two where to get this card combination. You must arrange 5 cards with consecutive numbers and have the same flower image. Example: (6,7,8,9,10). This is the arrangement of straight flush cards.

3.Four Of Kind

Four of a kind has an arrangement where you have to arrange 4 types of cards that have the same number, for example a four of a kind card like this: (,J). this is an example of one of the four of a kind card arrangements that you can arrange later with different number values ​​as long as the 4 are the same.

4.Full House

Fullhouse is a card arrangement where this card combination consists of Two Pair and Three Of Kind cards. An example of a card like this: (5,5,8,8,8) this is an example of a fullhouse card arrangement that you can stack.

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This flush card combination, you must have 5 cards with the same flower image, it doesn’t matter if they are not sequential. For example like this: ( 5,J,10,US,6).


to get a straight card combination you have to arrange 5 cards in a row, it doesn’t matter even though they don’t have the same flower symbol. Examples of cards like: (1,2,3,4,5).

7.Three Of Kinds

This three-of-a-kind card combination where you have to have 3 cards with the same number. Examples of cards like this: (As,10,8,8,8). This is an example of a three of a kind card combination.

8.Two Pair

Two Pair is a combination of cards that have 2 pairs of cards that have the same number and 1 other card is free. Examples like this: (2,2,1,8,8).

9.One Pair.

The last and the lowest is the one pair combination where this type of card only has 1 pair of cards and the other 3 cards are free. Example (10,J,J,8,9).

Point Count in Each Capsa Card Combination

In every combination of cards that you arrange, you will get points. The following is the calculation of the points that you will get according to the order:

Middle Royal Flush: For this combination of card types, if you arrange them in the middle, you will get 22 points.
Royal Flush Down: In a combination of royal flush cards, if they are arranged in sections, they will get 11 points.
Middle Straight Flush: Combination of straight flush if you arrange in the middle then you will get 18 points
Straight Flush Down: If you arrange it at the bottom it will get 9 points
Middle Four Of Kind: This combination of cards if arranged in the middle will get 14 points
Four Of Kind Down: This combination if arranged at the bottom will get 7 points.
Full House: Full house combination will get 3 points.
How to Arrange the Correct Card Combinations in Order

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In this online card gambling game, you are required to arrange the cards into 3 levels with the appropriate arrangement. Below I will tell you how to arrange the capsa card levels correctly in order to win:

Main Level: For the highest level you have to arrange 5 cards with the highest combination and place it at the bottom.
Second Level: At this second level you must arrange 5 cards but the combination must be lower than the first.
Third Tier: This last level is located at the very top where you arrange 3 cards with the lowest card combination among others.

If you are still confused with the order and combination, then below we will provide an example, please pay attention:

For example in the first level or the lowest arrangement you have to arrange the highest combination for example Four Of King.(6,J,6,6,6)
The arrangement in the second level in the middle must be lower than the first, for example the arrangement of the cards is Full House.(7(,7,J,J,J)
The third level or the lowest arrangement where in this arrangement the lowest card combination is like a One Pair card combination.(As,10,5,8,2)

And the last rule in this game, if you make a mistake with the arrangement of the card, it will automatically be considered a loser. So you have to be right “composing the cards, don’t be in a hurry” and just relax daftar situs poker online.

Well, that’s enough for this article, hopefully all the explanations above can help you to play this real money online gambling game. And if you want to learn to know other tips and tricks for playing online gambling, you can read it with us because here we have written everything down completely for you. Like the most powerful and invincible Super10 Online Play Tricks and Tips that you can know. And thank you for taking the time to read this review, see you in the next article my boss 🙂 Same Hockey Always !!