Gamblers Compete With Each Other To Chase Bonuses Or Jackpots In Sakong Gambling Games

Guides for online games are the main topic of discussion for our information on this occasion. Of course, as one of the newest games, there are still many Indonesians who feel weird and confused about the online gaming system.

The Sakong game appeared in Indonesia in early 2017 and is slowly attracting the attention of the community to participate in the game. Although it can be said that it is still less popular compared to poker / dominoqq games, Sakong online fans should not be underestimated and many are already interested. Sakong History is a game from China. From the name we know that it is an element of the Mandarin word.

SA means three, and Kong means king. Together, the word Sakong can be interpreted as a Magi game. Sakong itself is a game of ancient Chinese kings.

In the past, the way to play online was not the same as it is today. Currently, the game is known as chess, which uses pebbles and is slowly being replaced by tarot cards. (The tarot cards used at the time consisted of 78 cards.

Over time and time, Sakong began to change to use cards. And so far, when you play online, the betting tool used is playing cards.

The instructions for playing the game online are not too difficult, but easy to understand, even for beginners. We are confident that by reading the following, you will understand exactly what the meaning of this online game. The Sakong Gambling Game is basically the same as the Bandarq game. The difference is that Sakong uses cards and how to calculate the value by counting the number of values ​​on the three cards.

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Every player who plays in the online game has the right and privilege to feel like a trader as long as he meets the requirements. (Has sufficient chips / balance).

The biggest way to calculate value is unlike the City daftar slot online terpercaya , the biggest value in the game is 10. When you get a card with a value of 10 as an installer, you will receive a 2x payout from the city. in game In your game, it depends on the speed of thinking of your brain, why? Because in the game you have to think quickly to arrange the cards that last only 20 seconds.

If you become an installer, if you receive a value of 10 cards, or if you get a picture card, the dealer pays all cards up to 2 times. Meanwhile if you are a hockey player or you get an AAA card, the dealer pays you 3 times in the game.

Online games are usually played by playing 2 to 8 players at a table. idn poker In the game is divided by two competing parties, namely the city and the installer. In the game, each player has the right to choose, whether they want to be an in -game trader or just an installer.

Each player has the opportunity to be an in -game dealer as long as he meets the requirements, such as chips / balances being retained to meet table requirements. The larger the chips available in the game, the more likely you are to be a dealer in each round.

In the first round, all participants participating in the game will be divided by the system into 3 playing cards. judi poker online Where are the three cards arranged to be the highest scorecard? Whoever has the biggest card has a chance to win with more potential than the other players. In this online game, the city has the highest card goal compared to other players who get the highest profit.


And if you’re just an installer, your goal is to have the biggest map out of town. If your card is smaller than another player’s, there is no problem because your opponent is just a dealer. So there is no problem for you, who have smaller cards than other players.

There are some special rules included in the online Game Guide that you need to know completely.If the dealer has the same card or series as the player. Then the winner will be a contestant who is a dealer. If a player has a card with a value of 10 and wins against the dealer, the dealer has to pay twice.

In addition to the 10 cards, the dealer will also have to pay 2x / 3x if the player receives a jackpot combination card.This is a summarized game guide, with a few benefits for you all. Thank you for your free time to read the article we created.