5 Countries That Legalized Online QQ Poker Gambling

Legality is important. Especially for this type of gambling game. With legality, players will feel safe. Both in playing and when entrusting a sum of money in the form of a deposit poker qq terpercaya on an account. Without legality, there will be many risks that can arise at any time.

Not all countries legalize gambling. In fact, only a few countries have legalized gambling. There are many factors that prevent gambling games from getting legal status. One of them is the social impact caused by this game. Gambling is considered an activity that can provoke various crimes. Its nature that can make players addicted and doing various ways to be able to place bets is one of the considerations.

It is for this reason that many countries situs qq online terpercaya do not legalize gambling. But, don’t be discouraged because there are still countries that legalize gambling games. You can visit these 5 countries for legalizing gambling games, especially online qq poker.


It is no secret that Singapore is one of the countries that legalize gambling. In fact, you can find a large building where people play gambling there. The building is called the casino which is located right in the center of Singapore. Anyone can come play there. Even the players can come from other countries. The local government makes a policy that anyone who enters there must pay. This is also one part to protect the players or visitors there.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is also one of the countries where gambling is legal. This country even always shows gambling activities through various film footage. This is because gambling in Hong Kong is a common thing to see. All types of gambling in Hong Kong are managed directly by the Hong Kong Jockey Club. In it you can play anything such as lottery, sports betting, online qq poker and horse racing. Daftar Casino Online Indonesia



The country that also supports gambling is Spain. Even the tax proceeds from gambling games in Spain are included in state revenue. Gambling in Spain has also become a common thing to discuss. One of the most popular gambling games in Spain is sports betting. Furthermore, they prefer to play casino then the other percentage is filled by playing poker.


Macau is very close to China and Hong Kong. Here also legalize gambling activities. In fact, Macau is touted as the Las Vegas of Asia. You will find lots of gambling players from Macau. There are many places to play gambling such as casinos in this country. So it is very natural that it is always a destination for other gambling players such as online poker qq.


The last country on record to legalize gambling is Italy. Gambling in Italy is even used as a business commodity. The results of this gambling business can reach trillions of rupiah. Italy is also the place where one type of gambling was discovered, namely Baccarat.

The legalization of gambling games in several countries as above is not without reason. The dealer just wants the players to feel safe. In addition, the role of the government is also related to state revenues and a form of security from the possibility of criminal acts from gambling games. Each country must also have its own considerations for legalizing gambling in their territory. Everything will be considered very carefully. If you want to play situs gaple online safely without having to hide, you can visit one of the countries above.

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